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Movies - Guilty Pleasures

Movies that may or may not be good, but somehow are movies that I - a straight man, 40ish, college-educated - probably shouldn't really like as much as a I do. (Top 10 Index)
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American President/Dave
I lump these two movies into one slot because they are so similar: About a President/presidential pretender who are real people trying to do real, beneficial things, not just worrying about politics and the next re-election.

I guess it's somewhat what we'd like to believe really happens with our leaders (well, maybe not the faux-president that is Dave, but the concept he embodies, as well as Michael Douglas in American President). That there is humor, hard work, concern for the everyman, few photo ops and so on.

Fun for how American President pre-sages The West Wing, as well: Both are Aaron Sorkin creations (he actaully has a cameo in the moview).

Animal House
Sophmoric, crude, obvious, sterotyped?


Still funny as hell with some real suble humor?


A classic of sorts?


I'm (not) so ashamed...

The Sound of Music
A musical? About an apprentice nun who falls in love with a widower with a bunch of children on the cusp of WWII?

Sounds like a loser...yet I enjoy it: The music, the mountains, the goofiness. Sue me.

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