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Music - Hypnotic

There is some music that just wraps itself around your head and doesn't let go. Music that can be put on repeat for hours and still retain its power. Know what I mean? Usually, these are slower songs with steady, subtle beats.

But they come in all shapes and flavors... (Top 10 Index)
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Bolero - Maurice Ravel
Yes, this classical composition is somewhat unfortunately associated with the movie "10," where Dudley Moore and Bo Derek "do it" to the song.

On the other hand, it got the song to a lot of ears that otherwise would never have heard it, like the 1812 Overture used years ago for Quaker Oats commercials.

Get past the association; enjoy what must be one of the most spell-binding scores of all time.

Heroin - Lou Reed with the Velvet Underground
What is it about Lou Reed's music that makes it so-often hypnotic?

This is an interesting hypnotic song, as it builds to a very strong crescendo - most hypnotic songs are more subtle, more background-ish (yes, not a word...).

This is one that I have left on repeat and run for many cycles.

Sweet Jane - As sung by the Cowboy Junkies on their Trinity Sessions CD
The voice of Margo Timmens, coupled with the empty, bass-backed music, make this song a hypnotic classic. The song is a Lou Reed classic - and Reed's version is great, as well, but not really hypnotic. (Or not as hypnotic.)

This underrated/overlooked album is full of gems, but Sweet Jane is the centerpiece for me. The album was recorded live, in an old cathedral (former cathedral?) in Canada. With that setting, this song must have really mezmerized.

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